Our Life

Join us, be part of Family and Friends.
Just smile and have fun with us :)

About Dennes and Jasmin

We are a young married couple from Bavria, Germany.
Jasmin is originaly from Texas unitl she moved for Dennes to Germany (true love right there guys).
Dennes is kinda a Nerd, loves Computers | Games | Videos, edits the videos and take Pics. Also a FPV Pilot and does Cinematography.

We make those videos mostly for our Family oversee. Its not always easy being apart but this should make it a little more easy :)

Im also doing alot of flying, just getting into cinematic shots :) Feel free to share tricks and locations!

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Stuff we do

We do all kind of stuff... Traveling, Videogames, Flying, Skating ... just come and check out our vlogs :)

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Contact Dennes and Jasmin

Feel free to email us to give us feedback or just want to ask stuff. We try to answer as fast as possible.

dennes.schaeffler (at) googlemail.com